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In the Residenz Avalon the excellent cavalry mistresses are in charge of training our ponies -- no matter if they are young and wild stallions or experienced. With expert knowledge, strictness, consequence, and authenticity we uncover and correct every training deficit.

During special lessons a pony boy has to learn -- like duty training, special breeding goals or show-pony training –The cavalry mistresses work over and over until the pony meets the requirements.

Lady Marlon



Lady Grace


Some facilities which are available:

Huge working hall
Large yard for sulky training
A pony stable with straw
Well equipped tack room
Hoof shoes
Restriction utilities
Sand pit



Besides the training, the Avalon cavalry mistresses are very fond of the breeding: Stallions who show a strong mating instinct be brought close to the aims of breeding. Sperm samples will be taken at the veterinarian section of the Residenz.

If the stallion makes the right moves and is behaved well enough, the cavalry mistresses will allow mating practice with one of our adorable pony girls. All of our chosen pony girls are always willing to receive and show every hasty stallion his way.


If there is need for a longer in-stable training, there are some interested Ladies of the Avalon who always wanted to deal with ponies. We happily take wishes for trainers or pony girls -- just give us a call or write us an email.

Training sessions are offered for two hours or more. A complete schooling you can book as long as you want.